Quintin L. Villanueva

Quint served in the Marine Corps from July 1950 to July 1954. He served with the 2nd 4.5 Rocket Battalion and 8th Tank Battalion at Camp LeJeune and with the 2nd Battalion 1st Marines in Korea in 1952.

Upon his discharge from active duty, Quint enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve and served 3 years as a staff sergeant with the 23rd Rifle Company. In 1965 Quint was commissioned a Lieutenant JG in Navy Reserve Intelligence and eventually achieved the rank of Captain. 

Quint is a twenty five year veteran of  the Los Angeles Police Department and retired at the rank of Captain in 1983.  He  was then appointed  to Regional Commissioner of US Customs by both Presidents Reagan and Bush. In 1998 to 2000 he served in California Governor Wilson's Cabinet as Agency Secretary of the Youth and Adult Corrections Agency.

Quint holds a  Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from California State University Los Angeles, and a Masters degree in Public Administration Degree from University of Southern California.