Desert Cities 1st Marine Division Association

    Old Breed Marines to Mentor Wounded Warriors

    The Desert Cities Mitchell Paige Chapter, 1st Marine Division Association called for volunteers to be mentors for Wounded Warrior Marines leaving active duty.  The mentors will work on a one on one basis with Marines to help them transition into civilian life. Average age of these warriors is 22 years old.

    LtCol Ted Wong, Commanding Officer, Wounded Warriors Detachment at 29 Palms likes having veteran Marines help his Marines face the civilian world.  Wong says that the average age of his Marines is approximately 22 years old.  Most joined the Marine Corps after high school graduation and were looking at the Marines as their career in life. Due to wounds and injuries they now have to enter civilian life and need some help in making decisions as to going on to college, trade schools or finding a job.  This is where LtCol Wong sees the mentor offering a helping hand.

    This is a new program for both the Wounded Warriors and the 1st Marine Division Association.  An initial meeting was held with ten volunteers on Sunday, March 25th to discuss the program with LtCol Wong.  Five more volunteers have offered their services.  The next meeting will be held at the MCAGCC, 29 Palms for the mentors to meet some of the Marines.

    Left to right group photo:  Paul Hoffman, Jim Wheeler, Mike Walker, Jim Sullivan, Dick Partee, LtCol Ted Wong, Bob Shepard, Joe Daily, Jimmie Martin, Charlie Garbarini and Peter Van Vechten.