October, 2011 NEWSLETTER


Wes Ahlgren Mac Dube Dean Hunter Bob Shepard
Mike Bales David Franklin Dick Partee George Stettler
Carl Brooks Charlie Garbarini Henry Sanchez Jim Sullivan
Harry Covert George Hatzidakis* Ray Schum Quint Villanueva
Michael Walker Jimmie Martin Sam Huttenower Jim Olson
Jack Rabinowitz Dale Turner Bill Ross Paul Ehline
Myrl Wallace Linn Wiley    


If you haven’t bought your tickets, please do it now. We need every member to support this event since we will have over 100 Marines to host that day.  These Marines from the 1 / 7  are finalizing their training for deployment early 2012 for combat in Afghanistan.
If for some reason you can’t be there then please make at least a $25  donation to cover a Marine’s lunch and support your Chapter.  For those who don’t support this barbecue it will force the rest of us to dig into our pockets to cover costs for the 100 Marines.  Wear your white shirts and red covers to identify your self as FMDA members.
LCol David Bradney and SgtMaj Keith Combs, 1/7 will be the guests of honor.  Luncheon begins at 1130 at Desert Falls Country Club.  Please make a reservation (760) 901-5494.
This should be our sixth time in the parade and it has always been a fun day.  This year, besides having our large golf cart with our WW II Marines, we will also have the Palm Springs Piper’s Band and a Marine
Color Guard from 29 Palms.
We  will run the Beer Garden this year and will call it OKTOBERFEST.
It will be located on the northwest corner of El Paseo at Larkspur.  It will be 20’ x 40’ in size.  We will need volunteers to help set it up at 0900 Sunday morning and have it ready for business by 1100.  There will be a pancake breakfast available at the Bank of America parking lot for those that need to grab a bite.
At 1230 we will meet and gather on El Paseo & San Luis Rey, in front of  Union Bank at 1230 and be prepared to lead off the parade at 1300.  Dick Partee will pilot the golf cart and has promised that he will not visit the OKTOBERFEST before the parade.  Sam Huttenhower, Ray Schum, Ray Wilburn and Dorothee Irwin are invited to ride as WW II Marines along with Marilyn Paige. Uniform of the day will be red covers, white chapter shirts and khakis.
We will lead off the parade again with the Color Guard and Piper Band which means we will finish by 1400.  We will have some of our ladies run the OKTOBERFEST  while we are in the parade.  Karen Sullivan, Louise Stettler, Sherri Bevan and two ladies from George Stettler’s office (Bonnie and Jane) have volunteered to help. Bonnie and Jane are also baking 400 cookies for the 1/7 Steak Barbecue on October 15th.  They are patriots, like their boss George.
Please welcome  Paul Hoffman  aboard the Chapter.  Paul served 1959 - 1984 and retired as a Major.  Paul is married to Cheryl and  lives in Yucca Valley.  Paul was recruited by Mike Walker.
Carl Lewke reports that the new semester has 191 cadets enrolled in the program at DHSHS. Besides the class growing impressively the school also has again been designated as a Naval Honor School, which means they are in the upper 20% of programs in the United States.  We salute the fine job that LCol Carl Lewke is doing with the Marine JROTC program.
We hosted our third barbecue for these 35 Marines at Luckie Park in 29 Palms.  Chefs Craig Bevan, Jim Olson & Mike Walker displayed their culinary skills over the grill.  Great job with those wonderful Costco Choice N Y Steaks.
Thanks  to Mike & Barbara Bales for donating the dishes and silverware. They volunteered to do this knowing that they will have to wash them after each event.  
Twelve raffle prizes were won by the Marines:  Gift certificates for Stater Bros, Ruby’s Restaurant- Palm Springs and ten $20 gift cards for the base PX.
We also thank the following members for their donations and support of this barbecue, which covered the costs for the Marines:
Craig Bevan     Mike Bales        Carl Brooks         Joe Daily           Mac Dube   Sam Huttenhower    JJ Jessen      George Moffatt   Dick Partee    Jim Olson    Bill Ross      Jim Sullivan       Peter Van Vechten      Mike Walker
We are planning to host the Wounded Warrior again early next year.  We will probably organize an event down here since they have transportation and are willing to come down to the Coachella Valley.
The 7th Marine Regiment has extended an invitation to the 1st Marine Division Association, Desert Cities to attend their ball on Saturday,
November 5, 2011 at Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa, Indian Wells. The ticket prices are $55 for our members and spouses.
Cocktails at 1800.  Dinner at 1900.  We will have our own tables so it will be a good idea to purchase your tickets early.  No checks or credit cards.
However, you can make a check payable to the FMDA and we will arrange to purchase the tickets from the Headquarters Company  1st Sgt in charge. Deadline is October 28th.
Please send your check to our P O Box and note that it’s for the Birthday Ball on November 5th.  Call if you have any questions.  Dress will be coat & tie for us and dressy for the ladies.  Marilyn Paige will be with us.
The Marine Corps will host their annual luncheon at Miracle Springs Spa Hotel, DHS.  Sixty five cadets from Desert Hot Springs High School will attend.  The speaker will be LCol Brian Neil, XO from the 7th Marines.
Our chapter will have a couple of tables there for those who would like to sit together.  Spouses are invited.  You will receive an invitation.  Note on your RSVP that you would like to sit with the Desert Cities Chapter.
CHAPTER WEBSITE  www.1stmardivassocdesertcities.net
We have a few changes which includes adding the Marine’s Hymn.  Reminder, check the website to see what is going on 24 hours a day.  There is also a membership application available which can be printed.
Over the last few months we have really slowed down recruiting new members.  We need to keep an eye out for veteran Marines and Corpsmen and invite them to our monthly meetings. We are hoping that we will attract a few of them at the OCKTOBERFEST.  Membership applications will be available.
This report is from Tom Kelly, L A County Chapter, who was their chapter rep at the national reunion on August 19 & 20th.
Kelly reported that one Chapter Rep had suggested that the chapters should contribute their “Fair Share” to National.  This idea did not go over very well with most of the Chapter Reps and went no further.
The national treasurer, Jim Zalpis reported that the national financial situation and cash flow is better than it was several years ago.  Mainly due to focusing on keeping a day to day eye on income and expenses.
He also expressed the need to focus on fund raising.
At the Membership Meeting there was a discussion of using a professional fund raiser to assist in future campaigns.  A motion was made and passed.
New National Officers elected for a two year term:
President: Robert R. Montgomery, Dallas, TX
Vice President: Bill “Monsoon” Mimiaga, Costa Mesa, CA
LtCol Sean Dobeck, USMC (Ret.) has been appointed the Executive Director.  He will headquarter at the FMDA Headquarters Oceanside office.  He is replacing Col Leonard Hayes, USMC (Ret.) who resigned last spring.
May God Bless America!
Until next month, Semper Fi
Jim Sullivan, Editor
Quintin Villanueva, President                                    Richard Partee, Vice President
Jim Sullivan, Secretary - Treasurer                           Carl Brooks, Director 
Henry Sanchez, Chaplain