The October 21st meeting will be held at Desert Fall C C and will welcome back Colonel Randy Newman, Commanding Officer, 7th Marines Regiment. He will be returning from a one year deployment to Afghanistan. Plan to arrive by 1115 so we can all be seated for the meeting by 1130.  Reservations, please!
The 4th Annual Warriors Appreciation Steak Barbecue will be held at 29 Palms.  You should have your invitation by now so please  send your RSVP to support the event and sponsor a few Marines.
We plan to host 100 young enlisted Marines for the barbecue including some from the Wounded Warrior Battalion. We need every member to step up and sponsor these Marines. This is our biggest event of the year so let’s get involved and enjoy a fun day with the Marines. Marines help Marines.
Please RSVP your invitation right now.  We are counting on every member supporting the barbecue by attending and or making a donation to cover at least one of the 100 Marines.  Another FMDA chapter is sending 20 - 25 members over to support the barbecue. 
We also want YOU to make a gift donation so that every Marine will receive a gift.  Please send Dick Partee your donation for a $20 gift item (Gift cards, knives, sun glasses, CD’s, books, etc).  And remember, those who don’t donate will force the rest of us to dig deeper in our pockets to cover their butts.
Everyone should know that we will have the Marine Band from 29 Palms and  Color Guard joining us this year. Everyone in the City of Palm Desert, Chamber of Commerce and other supporting organizations are really excited about the Band coming to the parade for the first time in 45 years.
There will be approximately 45 Marines coming down from 29 Palms - Color Guard and Band - to join us in the parade.  George Hatzidakis, Sam Huttenhower, Elmer Stone and Ray Wilburn are the WW II Marines will ride the 8 passenger golf cart  with Marilyn Paige.  The rest of us will provide escort and walk the ¾  mile parade route.  We will wear our white chapter shirts, red covers and khaki’s. The Color Guard will lead off the parade, followed by our cart and members and the Band will follow us.
If you have doubts as to whether you can walk, remember that you can simply drop out at any point along El Paseo.  There will be plenty of water provided, so don’t worry about hydration. (And there will be saloons open for those who need a cold one.) Wear sun glasses, since you will feel a lot of emotion from the crowd.
Assembly area will be on San Luis Rey, south of El Paseo, next to the Palm Desert National Bank.  We will have our golf cart parked there around 0930.  The Band should arrive around noon and be ready to kick off the parade at 1300.  If you come early and are hungry there will be a pancake breakfast across the street at the B of A parking lot.
This is a members only event, for insurance liability and parade management rules (no wives, girl friends, family, friends or pets).    Call me and get you name on the parade participant list.  Call (760) 219-8317.
We will also have a kiosk/tent set up on the north side of El Paseo at Larkspur selling “Support Your Marines” merchandise.  Linda Garbarini has graciously volunteered her time to run this fund raiser along with a few ladies to help raise money for the chapter.  They also will have membership applications to recruit new members.  We will need a couple members to help us set up the kiosk  before 0900.  Call Charlie Garbarini 760 408-5892 and let him know you will help.  We also will need a few members to help us with other duties for the parade.  Let me know if you can help.
After the parade, everyone (wives & girl friends) are invited to Karen and Jim Sullivan’s for refreshments and appetizers.  We live about one mile south of El Paseo between Portola and Hwy 76 at 73315 Haystack Road.  Bring beer or wine and an appetizer. We always have a great time getting together.
Wes Ahlgren has joined the chapter.  Wes served 1984 - 1995, including the Gulf War.  He is the Chief Operating Officer of Coachella Valley Economic Partnership.  Wes and his wife Kathleen  live in Palm Desert.
Jim “JJ” Jessen has also signed up.  He served 1960 - 1964.
He is retired and lives in Rancho Mirage with his wife Carolyn.
We had two more members step up and make $100 donations to help cover the costs for the Band to march in the October 31 Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade.  Thank you to both Dave Hawley and George Hatizidakis for your generosity.
NEWS FROM 1/7, OKINAWA                              SGTMAJOR PARON
The 1st Battalion, 7th Marines deployed last June for Okinawa to replace the 2/7 who returned to 29 Palms.  This is a report from SgtMajor Paron Lewis:
“The Battalion has been off to the races ever since our arrival. Transforming from Desert Warriors to jungle warfare has been a challenge yet rewarding.  Our shock troop have prevailed and are honing their skills like a sharp knife.  Although I must admit they have found respect to fighting in this region of the world.  But the basics have carried them through.”
“Whether the skills of taking down an enemy ship, to conducting beach landing or NEO and ECC operation, the Marines and Sailors have proven themselves at every opportunity.  I can not be prouder to serve beside them.  We are commonly seen on the websites such as Marine.Com, usmc.mil and have been on AFN networks.  We have been highly publicized through multiple media venues.  Our most recent triumph was the reenactment of 60th anniversary of MacArthur’s landing at Inchon.  We have been at sea for almost a month now and that has brought about a different appreciation within itself.  However, getting back to our naval and amphibious traditions are great.  The younger Marines who have not been in combat yet are in awe.  The public affairs officer is great about getting stories out.  See the links below to follow our adventure on the 31st MEU.  We also have a 1/7 Face Book page that is often updated with pictures and comments about our deployment.
I hope you fellows are well.  Once again, I appreciate the gracious donation to our Family Fun Day prior to our departure in early July.”

Jim Sullivan, Editor