Wes Ahlgren Mac Dube Dean Hunter Bob Shepard
Mike Bales David Franklin Dick Partee George Stettler
Carl Brooks Charlie Garbarini Henry Sanchez Jim Sullivan
Harry Covert George Hatzidakis Ray Schum Quint Villanueva
Michael Walker Jimmie Martin Sam Huttenower Jim Olson
Jack Rabinowitz Dale Turner

Membership has grown to 22 chapter members . Newest members are Jimmie Martin, Sam Huttenower, Jim Olson, Jack Rabinowitz and Dale Turner. A Tun Tavern Challenge Coin will be given to each member.
Membership is available for a minimum donation of $100 per year.

LCol Ted Wong, CO, Wounded Warriors Battalion will be the guest of honor.  Some of us met Wong at the June 17th Wounded Warriors Steak Barbecue at 29 Palms that we hosted on June 17th at 29 Palms.

We will also have Barbara deBoom, President of the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce, as a special guest.  We want to acknowledge the terrific job that the PDCC did to support our drive to collect baby wipes and socks for the 3 / 4 Marines. Barbara is a real patriot and really rallied the membership to make a donation.  We picked up nearly 3 SUV’s full of donations.

This was our best effort!  Thanks to every member who participated and make this such a success.  We reached out to the community for help and did we ever get support:    KPSP Channel 2 News Co Anchor Brooke Beare jumped on board and provided publicity.  She also had camera crews film us picking up a load at the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce, packing the cartons at my garage and the final loading of the truck to transport the donations to 29 Palms.  The Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce also got on board and gave us their support by asking their members to support us.  They also asked members attending a monthly breakfast at Desert Willow to bring their donations. Barbara deBoom, President and her terrific staff are real patriots!

Denise Goolsby, DESERT SUN, gave us some supporting publicity which created community interest and support.
We had three drop off locations for donations at George Stettler’s  State Farm Office, Buddy Sklar’s Desert Commercial Bank and the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce. One of the most bizarre drop off’s was at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City when Craig Bevan handed me his donation. He handed me his donation as we were in the process of checking into the hotel before the Family of Warriors Dinner sponsored by the 1st Marine Division Association, L A County Chapter.
Financial donations were made by the American Friends of the Armed Forces;
Marine Corps League; Rotary Clubs of Indio, Cathedral City and Joshua Tree,  and members and friends. That money helped us cover the costs for the special shipping cartons,  a rental truck and the postage to ship the cartons overseas.
We ended up shipping 2480 pairs of socks and over 100,000 baby wipes. We need to recognize Charlie Garbarini for all of his help in picking up donations, packing all of this up into shipping cartons and keeping the shipping weight under 70# per carton.  Pete Van Vechten for helping us collect the donations from the PDCC and Desert Commercial Bank.
 We ended up renting a large truck to haul the donations to 29 Palms for shipment to Afghanistan. Dick Partee, Henry Sanchez, Pete Van Vechten and Quint Villanueva helped load the truck for 29 Palms on a very warm morning. At  MCAGCC, we had a work party of Marines meet us to handle the unloading and processing of each large carton. We also had to reload the shipment and deliver it to the base post office where a waiting semi was immediately loaded. We were told that this was the largest shipment ever for the MCCS Exchange.
Several members and others asked who the 3 / 4 is and why did we support them?  The answer is simply they are part of the 7th Marine Regiment ever since the regiment was expanded to 4 infantry battalions. The are based at
29 Palms along with the three other battalions in the regiment.

The Los Angeles County Chapter, 1st Marine Division Association, held a dinner on June 1st at the Sheraton Universal Hotel.  Mike Bales, Craig Bevan, Henry Sanchez and myself , along with our wives, attended this dinner in Los Angeles.  Over 200 people were there including the Marine Color Guard,  the 1st Marine Division Band and Major General & Mrs. Michael Regner, Commanding General, 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton.
Three Semper Fi Awards were presented to Bob Barker (The Price is Right Show), John Semcken and The Boeing Company.
Bob Barker accepted the award and told everyone about his flight training and earning his wings in the Navy.  And as he waited for orders to report for duty, Japan surrendered.  He claimed that when the Japanese heard that he was heading to the Pacific that they surrendered!  After his acceptance speech Barker handed over a donation of $50,000 to the L A County Chapter.

Earlier this year, the board of directors decided that we would offer a gift certificate for restaurants instead of the 50/50 split.  The reason was simply to use  raffle money to pay for the gifts that we will give the 100 Marines that will be our guests at the 5th Annual Warriors Steak Barbecue in October.  We fell short in 2010 on donations and some of us had to dig deeper in our pockets to make sure we covered the cost for the 100 gifts we gave those Marines.
Jim Sullivan, Editor