January, 2012 NEWSLETTER


Wes Ahlgren Mac Dube Dean Hunter Bob Shepard
Mike Bales David Franklin Dick Partee George Stettler
Carl Brooks Charlie Garbarini Henry Sanchez Jim Sullivan
Harry Covert George Hatzidakis* Ray Schum Quint Villanueva
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Gene McClendon      

TUN TAVERN TEAM EXPANDS TO 29 MEMBERS Gene McClendon joined the TTT in November.

Thursday, January 19th at Desert Falls Country Club. Guest of Honor / Speaker will be Scott Laidig, Author, Ohio State Supporter, Viet Nam Veteran. Scott just finished a book on former Commandant Al Gray which will be released in January. Please make your reservation for this luncheon.

If you want to have some fun identifying fellow members from their active duty days, bring a photo of yourself. We will post them and see who can identify the most fellow members. Remember, photos must not have your name. Winner will win a prize. Give us a heads up that you are coming, make a reservation.

We lost Don Tully, one of our active members, who was only 82 years young. Five of our Chapter members, joined approximately 150 friends and family for his memorial service at Riverside National Cemetery and a luncheon afterwards at Canyon Crest Country Club in Riverside. Sue Tully and their five children, grand children were there. In Don’s final days he asked his family to request everyone bring a toy for a child and asked us to deliver them to the Combat Center for the children of the Marines there. His daughters told me that he wanted, lieu of flowers, that a donation be made to the Chapter in the memory of Don Tully. That was touching since the last time I saw him at the Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade I asked him for some ideas on how the Chapter could raise more money to help our families of the 7th Marines and Wounded Warriors. Tully was both generous with his time and always was one to volunteer for different projects. He also was generous with his check book and supported every event above and beyond. We will miss Don Tully.

Our wonderful wives were invited to the December 15th luncheon meeting. Each lady received a beautiful Christmas Candle that Karen Sullivan arranged for them.Major Doan and SgtMaj Reaves , 3 / 4, were the guests of honor and impressed everyone by wearing dress blues. We also collected more toys and delivered them to the Combat Center at 29 Palms the following day. We also had a surprise visit from Santa Claus, who dropped in to say hello to our two guests of honor and get everyone into the Christmas spirit by singing Christmas Carols. A special thanks to Bob Shepard for arranging for Santa to drop in and see everyone.

In December we joined forces with Jensen’s Fine Foods Markets to collect donations for turkey dinners for the young enlisted families of the 3/7 and 1st Tank Battalion, whose husbands and daddy’s are in Afghanistan. This was a lot of fun and we have to recognize those members who stepped up to support this fund raiser: Mike Bales, Harry Covert, Bob Ferguson, Jim Larsh, Gene McClendon, Dick Partee, Jack Rabinowitz, Henry Sanchez, Bob Shepard, George Stettler, Pete Van Vechten and Jimmy Wheeler manned the tables in front of their two main stores to collect donations. Many volunteers worked several shifts to help make this so successful.We also got media support from KPSP Local 2 News, Desert Sun, Joey English Radio Show. This which helped create community awareness and publicity for the effort. Christmas Dinners were delivered to each unit on Friday, December 23rd into the deployed families of the 3 / 4, and 1st Tank Battalion. We also were able to deliver some dinners for the Wounded Warriors BN and the Armed Services YMCA at the base, when we discovered many of the deployed families were leaving for the Christmas holidays.

We presented the 7th Marine Regiment 120 $50 dollar gift cards to be divided among their 4 battalions as Christmas gifts for needy enlisted Marine families. The presentation was made on December 16th at their family day event at the Combat Center, 29 Palms Golf Course. Major General Baily was there along with Col Renforth and SgtMajor Samuels for the presentation. Those gift cards will make some enlisted Marine families Christmas a little brighter this year. As we were leaving, LtCol Piddock, Commanding Officer of the 3 / 4, passed by with his gift cards to say thank you and was own his way to Battalion Hdqs. to have those cards distributed to his 30 most needy families.

Dick Partee recruited Patrick McShane to join the Chapter as the first new member of 2012. He served with the 3/5 during the Korean War. He is a part time resident in Palm Desert and lives in Edina, MN most the rest of the year.

This meeting will be held at the MCAGCC, 29 Palms O’Club at 1130. The guest speaker will be Anita Fultz, Executive Director, Armed Services YMCA, MCAGCC, 29 Palms. Anita has done a great job in running this organization which supports Marines and Navy personnel at 29 Palms.

Those of us that know Anita know of her incredible dedication for helping needy young families at MCAGCC. A friend and fellow Marine from the Marine Corps League, Harry Ziegler, dedicates a lot of time and effort in supplying the ASYMCA with used furniture. He collects from donors and transports in a covered trailer to the base regularly. The furniture is then sold at the ASYMCA resale store at bargain prices to Marines and Sailors there. Harry also hauls loads of ball room gowns to be sold to young enlisted wives there for the annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

We saw Anita on December 23rd when we dropped off Christmas Dinners - when we learned she had 40 families in need. What a touching scene that was, which included a young woman recovering from chemo (lost her hair), who insisted she wanted to help carry cartons as we unloaded at the ASYMCA.

We have a lady that wants to host a her “Cathy Cooks” cooking class in her home and donate the proceeds to the Chapter. She says she will have 10 - 12 people at $100 each. Cathy says she will do this sometime in March. Thanks to Dan Silvers for recruiting Cathy for a donation.

We have given our monthly guests of honor a bottle of this wine which has become legendry among active Marines. This wine is produced by Firestone Winery. Adam Firestone served in the USMC. Members have been interested in buying it locally so we talked to Jensen’s Markets and they are now stocking it. Price is $9.99 with a 10% discount on cases. Member Bob Shepard heard about this last week and probably is the first member to buy a case.

ANNUAL DUES Reminder, our annual dues are due by January 31st.

We are very proud of our Chapter’s new Challenge Coin and wish to remind those who have not ordered one to contact Quint Villanueva 760 221-0366 to place an order. Price is $10 per coin. Additional ones are $15 each.

We lost four members in 2011, Elmer Stone, Larry Seaward, George Hatidakis and Don Tully, which were two WW II and two Korean War vets. They all were special friends and will be missed by those of us who happened to enjoy their friendship. It’s fitting that Larry was a Corpsmen who would join our Marines for their final duty on the Streets of Heaven. May God Bless all four of them and their loving families.


Jim Sullivan, Editor OFFICERS & DIRECTORS Quint Villanueva, President Richard Partee, Vice President Jim Sullivan, Sec / Treas. Henry Sanchez, Chaplain Carl Brooks, Director