September, 2012 NEWSLETTER


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Membership is available for a minimum donation of $100 annualy.

We enjoyed the company of four veteran Marines, as guests, at our August meeting.  They have agreed to join the chapter, so please welcome aboard:
Gary F. Cooper, La Quinta has joined the chapter as an associate member. He served with the 3rd Marine Division 2/63 - 2/67. Recruited by Joe Daily.,
Charlie Knickerbocker, Indian Wells has also joined the chapter  He served 1951 - 1953 with the 1st Marine Air Wing.  Recruited by Dick Partee.
Jerry Lawton, Cathedral  City, served with the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines from 1953 - 1957.  Recruited by Jim Sullivan.
Bruno Takacs, La Quinta served as a Sea Going Marine from 5/67 - 5/69.
Recruited by Carl Brooks.
We have invited these Marines down for 18 holes of golf and a barbecue at noon at the Santa Rosa Golf Club, Palm Desert.  Golf & lunch is $50.  Lunch only is $20.  Reservations are required. Please sign up by August 31st.  Shotgun start at 0730.  Lunch 1100 - 1130.
Prizes will be presented  to the Marines for their participation in the golf tournament. Prizes will be donated by Santa Rosa Golf Club and Sgt Grit Marine Specialties.
Lunch will be a barbecue featuring tri tips by a volunteer Santa Rosa member expert chef.
Let’s support this event for the Wounded Warriors!  Spouses are invited.
The Command of the 1st Tank Battalion will be our honored guests and will talk to us about their recent deployment to Afghanistan.
Col. Mike Walker will return to give us the second part of his presentation on the history of amphibious warfare. Those of us that were there at the May meeting will recall how well and detailed his presentation was.
 All members are invited  to participate in this patriotic event.  The theme is “American Pride“. which couldn’t be better than having the United States Marines lead off the parade.  A color guard and the 1st Marine Division Band will join us from Camp Pendleton.
This will be our seventh year in this parade.  We have worked our way up to the lead off position.  We will have an 8 passenger golf cart with our  World II Marines a board.   The rest of us will route step the ¾ mile parade route.  The 8 passenger cart will once again be donated by Electric Car Distributors..
We will also have a pop up tent in the vendor area promoting new membership and our fund raiser with Jensen’s Markets to collect donations for Christmas Dinners for deployed Marines from the 7th Marine Regiment.
Members and spouses are invited over to the Sullivan’s afterwards.
Our good friend SgtMaj Kufchak has informed us that he is planning to retire next summer.  He has served the past  16 months as SgtMaj of the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton. 
Berthed in San Pedro it has become quite a tourist attraction. I know a few of us plan to visit this magnificent Battle Ship.  Dale Turner did take the tour and advised that there is a Double Tree Hotel nearby for those that want to stay over there.
The Lincoln Club organized a bus trip to see the latest crop of recruits become United States Marines at a ceremony there on August 10th.  Wes Ahlgren, Mike Bales, Henry Sanchez, Buddy Sklar and myself joined the trip down ‘memory lane’.  Nothing changed other than the graduating recruits were much younger than we are and wore summer dress blues. The other change noted was that  the Quonset huts have been replaced with two story barracks.
We will keep you informed as plans shape up for our trip there.
Their next meeting is scheduled for 1100 Wednesday, 5 September, 1100 at Woodhaven Country Club.  Speaker will be LtCol Kevin Murray, CO of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 1 at 29 Palms.  Lunch is $14.  No reservations are required.
CHINESE ROLE IN THE VIETNAM WAR             Col Mike Walker
Mike Walker is working on his Phd and has studied Chinese Military History.  He has submitted this interesting snippet on what the Chinese historians are now writing about the Vietnam War. Thank you, Mike Walker!
“The official DRV claim was 4,154 U. S. planes downed during the war.  The official number recorded by the United States is 1,096.  It is impossible to reconcile this difference.  However, factors which led to such disparity deserve to be noted.  First, the defending sides, including North Vietnamese and Chinese AAA units and Soviet SAM units, on occasion might all claim to have shot down the same enemy plane.  Second, Hanoi might have lumped all downed and damaged planes together in its claims.  Finally, Hanoi and the DRV leadersw inflated claims to improve morale.  Nevertheless, the Chinese record is impressive.  During three years and nine months in North Vietnam, all Chinese anti aircraft artillery divisions, together with those units assigned to protect engineering troops, fought 2,153 engagements.  They shot down 1,707 U.S. planes and damaged 1,608 while capturing 42 American pilots.
Between 1965 and 1969 a total of 320,000 Chinese troops served in North Vietnam and te greatest number at an one time there was 170,000.  More than 1,100 Chinese died and 4,300 were wounded in Vietnam.  A small number of Chinese sacrifices, as Le Duan once noted, could have saved two or three million Vietnamese.  Hanoi’s might not have been completely satisfied with Beijing’s support, but they acknowledged that Vietnam could not have succeeded without the vast rear of China and its support.”
Xiaoming Zhang.  “The Vietnam War, 1964 - 1969; a Chinese Perspective.”  The Journal of Military History 60, no. 4 (Oct. 1996), page 759.


Jim Sullivan, Editor
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