February, 2013 NEWSLETTER


Wes Ahlgren Mike Bales Carl Brooks Harry Covert
David Franklin Charlie Garbarini Sam Huttenower Dean Hunter
Franz Jevne Jimmie Martin Gene McClendon Jim Olson
Marilyn Paige Dick Partee Jack Rabinowitz Henry Sanchez
Sandy Sandoval Ray Schum Bob Shepard George Stettler
Jim Sullivan Dale Turner Quint Villanueva Col. Mike Walker
Michael Walker Myrl Wallace Linn Wiley Jim Larsh
George Moffett      

Membership is available for a minimum donation of $100 annualy.

Master Gunnery Sgt. Theodore Butenas, will join us to update on the 7th Marines Command currently deployed to Afghanistan.  The luncheon meeting will be at the Classic Club in Palm Desert.  The Classic Club will be our future meeting site through 2013.
Some members will appreciate the Classic Club having valet parking available.  Great views from the club house.  They also have a great Happy Hour in Bellatrix Restaurant & Wine Bar.  Our President Dick Partee was delighted to hear that over 30 wines are available by the glass. He may become the Chapter’s first frequent flyer at the Classic Wine Bar.
LtCol Donald Wright, USMC be the guest of honor and speaker at this luncheon at the Classic Club, Palm Desert.  In early December, Wright became commanding officer of the Wounded Warriors Detachment at 29 Palms.
We have lined up Brooke Beare, Co Anchor of KPSP Channel 2 NEWS to be the emcee for this fourth annual event on April 20th, 2013.  We all know her from her evening role on the 6:00 news.
The speaker / guest of honor will be Major Heather Cotoia, USMC, who serves on 1st Marine Division G-2 staff at Camp Pendleton.  We will host a group of women Marines from 29 Palms. Mark your calendar for this important event.
We enjoyed a very successful fund raiser and recognized Matt Zack, CEO of Jensen’s with a nice plaque at our Christmas Luncheon on December 20th.
We also recognized Jim Larsh and Dick Partee for working the most shifts during the fund raiser and George Stettler for bringing in the largest donation of $1,000.. Zack presented each with a bottle of Jack Daniels to recognize their efforts.
 Interesting thing about this fund raiser is that it brought 29 members into volunteering for work shifts.  Many commented how much they enjoyed it and the opportunity to get to know other members  We would like to recognize the volunteers and thank them for their support to making this such a success:
Mike Bales           3 shifts                                        Carl Brooks          2 shifts
Gary Cooper         1 shift                                         Harry Covert        7 shifts
Bob Ferguson       5 shifts                                        Dean Hunter        4 shifts
JJ Jessen              2 shifts                                        Jim Larsh            8 shifts
Jerry Lawton        2 shifts                                        Jimmy Martin     1 shift
Jack Mennis         1 shifts                                        Gene McClendon  5 shifts 
Gene Mooring       2 shifts                                        Jim Olson            3 shifts
Dick Partee           8 shifts                                        Rickard Petroff    2 shifts 
Bob Pritchard       2 shifts                                        Jack Rabinowitz  5 shifts
Bill Ross               3 shifts                                        Henry Sanchez     3 shifts
Bob Shepard         3 shifts                                        Dan Silvers          3 shifts
George Stettler     4 shifts                                        Jim Sullivan        7 shifts
Bruno Takacs       3 shifts                                         P. Van Vechten    5 shifts Q, Villanueva       4 shifts                                         Bill Zagone          3 shifts
Harry Ziegler        5 shifts  
We lost Maga Garcia on January 16th.  Over the past few months Maga struggled with anemia. He was admitted to the hospital in early January where he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  
When we heard from his wife that he was hospitalized, we took him  Marine and America flags and set them next to his bed to let him know that his brother Marines were with him. Maga was extremely patriotic and proud of being a Marine. The funeral was held on January 22nd.  He was buried in his dress blues at the Coachella Valley Cemetery.
                                                                                                            By Buddy Sklar
Lt.Gen Rusty Blackman USMC (Ret.) outlined that the Foundation’s primary goal would be to complete the National Museum.  Together, the Foundation has done a splendid job in telling the storgy of those who served from 1775 - 1975.  The galleries and exhibits represent the many courageous and selfless Marines who served from the Revolutionary War through the Viet Nam War.
The designs for the future galleries are taking shape, to represent those who have fought in current actions representing and honoring today’s generation.
Promoting the Foundation’s work as widely as possible is essential to our mission.
The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, teaming with the Marine Corps League, erected a statue of General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller in Semper Fidelis Park, adjacent to the National Museum.  The 8’ bronze statue was designed with his characteristic smoking pipe, .45-cal sidearm, a pair of 1942 Naval binoculars and USMC lettering on his uniform.  Artist and Marine Terry Jones created it.
The full size bronze statue weighs 8 metric tons.  Fitting for a larger than life legend for the Corps.  The statue began at a foundry in Chester, PA. It was shipped on a flatbed truck to Quantico and installed on 23 October.
Due to the weight of the statue it was installed in two parts. The base first.  Then the statue of Chesty.  The dedication was hosted by the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation and the Marine Corps League on 12 November. 2012.  For more info visit their website:  http://www.marineheritage.org
Marilyn underwent brain surgery to remove a blood clot last Saturday, January 26th at Eisenhower. (Marilyn thought that it may have been caused by a recent fall).  She was released from ICU on January 29th and reported that she was healing and being treated with antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. 
Last call for sending in your annual dues on time.  Thanks to those of you who have done so.
Most of the executive board will attend the event the last week of January.  The banquet dinner this year was held at the Shearaton Hotel - Carlsbad. 
Representing the chapter this year was Harry Covert, Joe Daily, David Franklin, Dick Partee, Bob Shepard, Jim Sullivan and Quint Villanueva.



Jim Sullivan, Editor